Transform Your Story Into GOLD



Learn how to use the power of STORY to transform your life and magnetize your personal brand.

Turn your stories into GOLD and RECLAIM YOUR PERSONAL POWER.

In this five module video training series, learn from Hollywood Publicist and Transformation Coach CRYSTAL WILLIS

Get Instant Access to Video Day 1, then receive four additional video training modules every day thereafter. Spreading them out helps our students to have better results.

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Intention Setting & Manifestation

Set your intention for the training and learn how to use the law of attraction and story alchemy to transform your life and brand. You'll learn how I overcame bullying, divorce, sexual trauma, housing and food insecurity, and began living a life of AUTHENTIC JOY, while making $5-10K months consistently.

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Transform Your Story + Clarify Your Core Message

Learn to transform your stories and get or give clarity on who you are, how you serve, and your big WHY. The core of this training is keeping it real, so you can discover yourself, and others will be magnetized to you. Authenticity is key to a brand message that connects.

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Essential Brand Elements & Monetization

Monetize your brand and your message. Owning your story can not only transform your mindset, but can impact the WORLD. We will talk about key methods for monetizing your brand and spreading your message throughout the world.

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Breakthrough your fear of showing up, putting your story out into the world, and growing your audience.

Gain BOLD confidence, get clear on your purpose, your brand voice, and get clarity on how you can leverage all the challenges you've overcome.

Authenticity is the glue that binds us together as humans. The power of our stories to become our footstool and give us leverage to build a new life and remove the limitations off what's possible for us.

Story Alchemy is meant for those entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists who have difficult time getting out of their shell, but KNOW they're meant for greatness.


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Hi I'm Crystal Willis! I'm a trauma survivor and Hollywood Publicist turned Story Alchemist. What that basically means is, I'm a Transformation Life Coach and Brand Strategist. I help visionaries to own their stories, reinvent their lives and create massive income and impact through branding and storytelling.

I'm obsessed with the power of story to transform lives and create massive impact. In an effort to heal my own life after depression and divorce, I went from years and years of therapy to diving deep into personal development and transformational mastery. I began to realize that the power of story to re-frame my negative beliefs, has incredible similarities to the work I do as a media maven, journalist and publicist. We tell stories, and it is the power of my own personal stories and telling them in a more empowering way that helped me to garner the same level of media attention (impact) as my celebrity clients.

While I've had my clients and past projects featured in outlets like USA Today, GQ, Forbes, Los Angeles Times and many more, what's even more interesting is that I've learned to turn my own stories to gold. I've been able to have my own traumas and triumphs featured in outlets like Marie Claire Magazine, PBS,, Sheen Magazine, Medium, Live Action News and several others, while building and monetizing a personal brand centered on impact.



MODULE 1: The Power of Story to Transform Your Mindset & Intention Setting

MODULE 2: Four Elements of an Effective Brand Story

MODULE 3: Re-writing Your Stories & Crafting a One-Liner aka Elevator Pitch

MODULE 4: Communicating Your Story and Being Relatable

MODULE 5: Monetizing & Magnetizing Your Brand Story

TOTAL VALUE: 5+ Hours $4,440 Value

Get instant access to Module 1, and a new lesson every day thereafter



or 3 Payments of $397

Story Alchemy: VIP Coaching Package

For a limited time, you can also enroll in Private 1:1 Coaching along with the digital course, so we can work together on refining and magnetizing your story, working through your limiting beliefs so you increase your VISIBILITY, IMPACT and INCOME over the next (3) Months. When you add the VIP option, you'll also receive:

3 Months of Bi-Weekly Coaching (6 Sessions Total) $4,444 Value

3 Months of Unlimited Voxer Access to me for accountability, encouragement and support, Mon.-Fri during business hours. $3,333 Value

Masterclass Pass to Attend all my LIVE trainings for the remainder of 2022 for FREE! $888 Value

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Here's What My Students Are Saying:

I get super nervous and I learned how my story is an important part of my brand. I feel I can achieve whatever I want now and I know how to be proud of my story. Thank you! - Jayme L.

My story gets to be about working for myself now I'm following my dreams instead of what's expected of me and what's the norm. - Amanda S.

I'm doing a lot of work on myself right now, and this workshop has helped a lot , I appreciate it! - Marvin M.

I've always loved your transparency, Crystal! This training has helped me to open up more! - Taneesha A.

Due the to digital nature of this training, all payments are non-refundable.

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This video training series is not guaranteed to produce specific results. Results will vary based on your effort and execution of these trainings. We cannot guarantee results or make any monetary claims. All payments for this digital course are non-refundable. If you're not satisfied after completing the training, please contact us directly to discuss other options. You may not copy, sell or distribute these training videos to any other individual.



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