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Transform your mindset. Reinvent your life.

Unleash your limitless power!

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I love helping my clients see their incredible strengths, get super clear on their vision and purpose, set powerful intentions and unleash their bold gifts and dreams. Let's explore yours!

This is a no-pressure call to examine your goals and decide whether or not to move forward into this intimate private coaching relationship.

As a private 1:1 coaching client, you will have direct access to me 24/7 through email and text, as well as weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls. We'll examine your limiting beliefs, dismantle any habits or situations out of alignment with what you desire, and chart a course for achieving your goals during our time together. You get to go at your own pace, but I will show up to push you along.

This is my gift I'd like to share with you: Aside from the fact that my personality type is that of an influencer, a pusher, an ENFJ, a team leader, an executive whisperer and boss lady myself.... I combine my nearly 20 years of professional experience in corporate business, entrepreneurship and public relations with my personal development experience and training in overcoming trauma, re-programming my mindset and shifting my life into one that is abundant in time, freedom, income and impact. I have also graduated as a Senior Leader - Mastery in Transformational Training, and I'm well-studied in NLP, Trauma Recovery, Universal Laws and Manifestation.

These are some of the breakthroughs we can work on in a coaching container:

*Re-framing Your Stories to Transform Your Life

*Creating a daily self-care and self-love ritual

*Intention & Goal Setting (that actually works)

*My two essential KEYS to Joy and Confidence. You will learn them and master them.

*Real Love: Being accountable to your self and others, healthy boundary setting

*Defining your BIG message, discovering your vision, designing your DREAM LIFE (one you don't need a vacation from)

*How to tap into the law of attraction and universal laws to co-create your destiny with God and master Manifestation

*Scaling your Impact and Income: Anything you freaking need to know from my 20 years of corporate and business experience and degrees in Marketing and Communications to help you grow your BRAND, increase your VISIBILITY, and set up revenue streams of income around your actual life.

Here's how it works: You book your discovery call, choose a time that works for you, and complete a brief application. Then, I'll give you a call at the appointment time and 100% listen and understand your goals and roadblocks. You'll then learn about how my coaching packages work, and we decide if its a good fit.

(Fine print: I am not a licensed therapist, I'm a coach and your results are determined by your own level of commitment, effort, and individual situation. If you're currently experiencing suicidal thoughts or chronic depression, I want to stress that life coaching is not a substitute for counseling. I know because I've invested in both. I've invested over a decade in counseling and behavioral therapies, as well as life coaches and personal development training for myself.)

Please note: If you miss or skip your appointment time, you will NOT be able to reschedule.

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